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Small Groups

Being connected to the church means more than just attending on Sunday mornings. Being connected means experiencing life together with other followers of Jesus as we reach our full potential in Christ. At LifeSpring Church the best place to do this is in a small group.​


Jesus’ disciples were a small group where they could discuss what they were hearing. It gave them an environment to ask questions and figure things out. It was a relationship-driven environment where they could be more transparent, encouraged and supported as they learned from Jesus. Likewise, we intentionally offer small groups of various kinds so that long-term, healthy relationships can develop.

Find a small group today!

What happens at small group?

Groups of approximately six to twenty people get together to know others, be known, and join together as we seek to reach our potential in Christ and to love and serve the communities where God has placed us. Each small group meeting we take time to honestly talk and listen to each other, discuss biblical truths, pray for each other, and talk about how we can be living on mission together. We take time to get to know each other. We serve and love our neighborhoods. Each group does these things differently but at each group you will find a group of people seeking to make much of Jesus.

How do I find a small group?

  1. Stop by the welcome table on Sunday. Our staff and volunteers would love to talk to you about our small group options and help get you connected to one.

  2. Fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly to help get you connected!


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