Welcome to LifeSpring Kids At Home, a resource designed to fuel family discipleship in your home in partnership with what kids are learning at church. Each week you will be provided with new content that relates with what is being taught in your church's kids ministry.

Whether you have been discipling for years or are just getting started, The Gospel Project At Home is designed to give you a realistic, yet meaningful, starting point of one night a week family worship that you can build from by using additional content included here as well as by adding other resources.  

Choose a day and a time for a weekly family worship experience that allows your family to be as consistent as possible. Use these materials to engage in an experience that lasts about 10-15 minutes, or one that can be longer if you desire. All you need is LifeSpring Kids At Home and a Bible.

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Read all or parts of 1 Samuel 4–6 from your Bible.




On April 21, 1980, Rosie Ruiz was declared the winner of the women’s division of the Boston Marathon. The only problem was that Rosie Ruiz was a fraud. Instead of running the 26.2-mile race, Ruiz waited in the crowd and snuck onto the road to run only the final mile of the race. She was disqualified, and the real winner was crowned. Clearly, she had no business running the race with the real marathoners!


After the Philistines defeated the Israelites, they captured the ark of the covenant and took it back to their city. The ark was a symbol of God’s presence, but the Philistines placed it beside the statue of Dagon, a false god they worshiped. The next morning, the statue of Dagon had fallen on its face in front of the ark. The Philistines set the statue up again, but it fell again and broke the head and hands clean off! God made it clear that He is the one true God and that Dagon—or any false god—has no business standing next to Him!


God promised to be with His people. This promise gives comfort to know that God is near, but it also gives courage to know that He is the one true God who has all power, authority, and control. There is no one like Him! One day, every creature in heaven and on earth will fall face down—just like the statue of Dagon—and worship Him.


The ark of God reminded the Israelites that God was with them. Years later, God gave His people something greater than a sign that He was with them; God gave them His Son, Jesus—God in the flesh. One of Jesus’ names is Immanuel, which means “God with us.”


Pray: There is no one like You, God! You have sent Jesus to be God with us. Help us to believe in Him so that we can experience the comfort and courage of knowing You are always with us.


Watch this Bible Story video with your kids to reinforce this week's devotion.


The key passage below is focused on at church. Consider talking about what this passage means and memorizing it as well.



This song is a helpful way to worship, and to learn and memorize the Key Passage.


The prayer guide includes two prompts—one for mornings and one for evenings—that you can use during the week to help direct prayer and start casual family conversations about God.


Worship God as the one true God! Praise Him because there is no one like Him. How do you see God’s superiority in this week’s Bible story? What other stories in the Bible show us that He is the one true God? 


Thank God for His power. Thank Him for the comfort and confidence that comes with knowing the Almighty God. How does this Bible story show us the one-of-a-kind power of God? How does God’s ultimate power help us to trust in Him?


Two activities related to what your family is talking about are suggested each week. One activity is for your family to enjoy and the other is for your family to serve in some way as you live out the gospel in your community.  

For Fun

Go for a walk or run as a family. Allow kids to pick the route. Talk about God’s promise to be with Joshua wherever he went. Ask kids how God has extended that promise to anyone who believes in Jesus. How is God with them wherever they go?

To Serve

Volunteer to plant flowers or complete another beautification project at your local church. Talk with kids about how God might use the church to draw people to Himself. Be sure to explain that God’s presence is not limited to the church building, but the building can still be a reminder for the community of God’s presence and activity.

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