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Welcome to LifeSpring Kids At Home, a resource designed to fuel family discipleship in your home in partnership with what kids are learning at church. Each week you will be provided with new content that relates with what is being taught in your church's kids ministry.

Whether you have been discipling for years or are just getting started, The Gospel Project At Home is designed to give you a realistic, yet meaningful, starting point of one night a week family worship that you can build from by using additional content included here as well as by adding other resources.  

Choose a day and a time for a weekly family worship experience that allows your family to be as consistent as possible. Use these materials to engage in an experience that lasts about 10-15 minutes, or one that can be longer if you desire. All you need is LifeSpring Kids At Home and a Bible.

Ready? Keep scrolling for this week's Kids at Home!  


Read all or parts of Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; and Luke 8:22-25 from your Bible.

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A phobia is a persistent and excessive fear. The most common phobias are the fear of heights, the fear of enclosed spaces, and—of course—the fear of snakes! Even if these aren’t things you’re afraid of, something else probably has—at one point or another—caused you to be afraid.


When the winds gusted and the waves crashed against the boat, the disciples were very afraid. The storm seemed so big. The situation appeared to be so dangerous that the men thought they were going to die. In their desperation, they cried out to Jesus for help, and Jesus, just with the command of His voice, calmed the wind and waves.


When the disciples saw Jesus’ power, they were amazed. They had heard the wisdom in His teaching; they had seen the compassion He had for other people; but in this scene, the disciples saw the full glory and power of Jesus as the Son of God.


Because Jesus is the Son of God, we can cry out to Him for help when we are afraid or overwhelmed. He is strong enough to save us, and He is faithful to help us according to His will for us. He demonstrated His faithfulness and power most clearly when He came to die on the cross and rescue all who believe in Him.


Jesus’ disciples knew Jesus was a good man and a good teacher. When Jesus calmed the wind and the waves, He showed His disciples that He is also God. God rules the sea and stills its waves.


Pray: We praise You, Jesus, because You have power and authority over all of creation. Everything in heaven and on earth obeys You because You are the Son of God. When the storms of this world rage, help us to trust in Your power to help us. Amen. 


Watch this Bible Story video with your kids to reinforce this week's devotion.


The key passage below is focused on at church. Consider talking about what this passage means and memorizing it as well.

Key Passage CSB U22.jpg


This song is a helpful way to worship, and to learn and memorize the Key Passage.


The prayer guide includes two prompts—one for mornings and one for evenings—that you can use during the week to help direct prayer and start casual family conversations about God.


Praise God for the glory of His creation. Thank Him for the beautiful and useful things He has made. How does creation reveal God’s glory? How does creation show us His control? 


Ask God to calm the fears that trouble your heart. Pray for His peace to comfort you and remind you of His presence in times when you’re afraid. How can our fears be an opportunity to trust and depend on God? 


Two activities related to what your family is talking about are suggested each week. One activity is for your family to enjoy and the other is for your family to serve in some way as you live out the gospel in your community.  

For Fun

Use a 2-liter bottle and funnel to create a rain gauge. Use duct tape to attach the funnel to the top of the bottle. Allow kids to decorate the bottle and create evenly spaced marks on the side of the bottle to measure rainfall. As you work on the rain gauge, discuss the miracle Jesus performed and how it displays His power over all of creation. Jesus is the Son of God!  

To Serve

Each day, text a friend or family member and ask how you can pray for him or her. Choose a different person each day of this week. Explain the story kids learned this week and how it shows Jesus’ faithfulness to help us in our need. Take time to pray as your family shares a meal or drives in the car.

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