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Welcome to LifeSpring Kids At Home, a resource designed to fuel family discipleship in your home in partnership with what kids are learning at church. Each week you will be provided with new content that relates with what is being taught in your church's kids ministry.

Whether you have been discipling for years or are just getting started, LifeSpring Kids At Home is designed to give you a realistic, yet meaningful, starting point of one night a week family worship that you can build from by using additional content included here as well as by adding other resources.  

Choose a day and a time for a weekly family worship experience that allows your family to be as consistent as possible. Use these materials to engage in an experience that lasts about 10-15 minutes, or one that can be longer if you desire. All you need is LifeSpring Kids At Home and a Bible.

Ready? Keep scrolling for this week's Kids at Home!  


​Read all or parts of Acts 6:1-7 from your Bible.

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest group hug was achieved by 10,554 participants at an event in Mexico City on January 21, 2018. The participants held each other in a giant hug for five minutes! That’s a lot of love and togetherness! 


As the early church grew, they quickly experienced some growing pains. It became very difficult for the apostles to preach the gospel and provide for all the needs of the people. The solution was to invite more people to serve. This allowed people to use their gifts and made sure that all the needs of the church were met.  


The mission of the church is so important that it takes everyone using their gifts to serve others. God has given each person a unique role to play within their church. If they aren’t actively serving, then the church isn’t working as well as it could. No matter what role you’re called to play, God has called you to do it to build His church and bring Him glory. God loves to see His people linked together—like a big group hug—to serve His church.



The apostles believed that everyone in the church had an important job to do to serve God’s people and help spread the gospel. Jesus wants us to serve others so that the message of His death and resurrection can be heard and believed all over the world.  


Pray: God, thank You for the church where we can learn about You, worship You, and serve You. Help us to find our role in serving others. We pray that our church would be strong and united in serving You and serving others. 


Watch this Bible Story video with your kids to reinforce this week's devotion.


The key passage below is focused on at church. Consider talking about what this passage means and memorizing it as well.

Key Passage CSB U31.jpg


This song is a helpful way to worship, and to learn and memorize the Key Passage.


The prayer guide includes two prompts—one for mornings and one for evenings—that you can use during the week to help direct prayer and start casual family conversations about God.


Pray for courage and endurance to face the suffering and cost that comes with following Jesus. What difficulties Thank God for your church staff, volunteers, and others who serve within the church. Take time to think about the ways they have served your family, and give God praise for their service.


Ask God to show you the gifts He has given you to use for His glory. Ask Him to provide opportunities for you to serve Him in the church.   


Two activities related to what your family is talking about are suggested each week. One activity is for your family to enjoy and the other is for your family to serve in some way as you live out the gospel in your community.  

For Fun

Make a list of chores and responsibilities for your household. Write each chore on a card and have kids choose one each day of the week. At the end of each day, talk with kids about the responsibility they took on to help the family and how they felt about the way they served. Talk about the ways we can show love by serving one another. 

To Serve

Ask friends or family members to share the spiritual gifts they see in each family member’s life. Discuss skills or abilities each person might use to love, serve, and encourage others. Talk with kids about the volunteer roles where each gift might best be used. If there is need, volunteer as a family to serve the church in a way that uses the gifts you discover. 

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