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The Lenten season began Wednesday, February 17. Traditionally Lent is a time of reflection and preparation leading up to the celebration of Christ's resurrection at Easter. During these 6+ weeks, as a church family we want to spend some intentional time focussing in on Christ, who he is, and what he has done for us.

So what is lent, and what are we encouraging you to do over the next several weeks leading up to Easter?

Lent is typically a fast. During a biblical fast we ask ourselves what can I have less of in order to get more of God. When something exerts too much influence on our hearts or our time, we need to fast from it to regain a biblical perspective. Throughout the Lenten season, we invite you to fast with us as we seek to gain more of God in preparation for celebrating the resurrection of Christ at Easter. We invite you to fast with us this Lenten season. Learn more about fasting in the video below!

Fasting should lead us to prayer. So in addition to fasting we are encouraging our church family to intentionally refocus on prayer. More prayer, for more of God. Prayer is how we talk to God. If we want to grow in our relationship with God, then we have to talk to him. But the reality is that a large percentage of professing Christians spend little time in prayer. We don't make time for it, we doubt anything will actually happen if we pray, or maybe we don't know how. Check out this video to learn more about prayer!

Bible reading and engagement is perhaps the most important spiritual discipline we can have. If we really want to know who God is, and understand our need for salvation, then we must read our bibles. The reality is that most people, though they have a bible or have access to a bible, spend little to no time regularly engaging with God's word. This week let's refocus our lives on God's word. More bible, for more of God. Check out this video to learn more about bible engagement!

More giving, for more of God. All of life is worship. It is about giving our praise to God and acknowledging his infinite praise. Worship is more about attending a church service once a week. It is a lifestyle. All of the disciplines we have been focusing on throughout the Lenten season help us focus our hearts on worshipping God. As we enter into Passion week, let us refocus our lives on truly worshipping God!

Reading and engaging with the Bible is one thing. But reflecting on it and applying it to our lives is something else. When you read the Bible there is the strong possibility that you do not perceive a great deal of fruit being produced in your life from what you are reading. Learn more about how we can reflect more on God's word and grow closer to Christ. More reflection, for more of God. Check out this video to learn more about reflection!

All of these disciplines are instrumental in our growth with Christ, but followers of Jesus are not meant to go at this alone. We were created to be in relationships with other followers of Jesus, encouraging and challenging one another to live like Christ. Learn more about how we can grow in community and grow closer to Christ. More relationships, for more of God. Check out this video to learn more about community!

As we draw closer to Christ as we draw closer to Easter, we should also be seeking to tell others about the goodness of Christ as well. The natural overflow of the Christian life is telling people about Jesus. What does this look like and how do we do that? More sharing, for more of God. Check out this video to learn more about how we can tell people about Christ!

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