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Bible Reading in 2020

At LifeSpring Church we believe that having regular times of scripture reading and prayer is one of the ways that we will experience fullness in Christ. As a new year begins a lot of people will be looking to begin a new bible reading plan. If you are looking to start a new bible reading plan, or to just start reading your bible more period, here a a few helpful tools.

First, we need to pick a good translation of God's Word. A simple search for bible translations will result in hundreds of results. Many of us do not know where to begin picking a bible translation. So we use the one we have always used, maybe because our parent or grandparent used it. Here are some different bible translations that we would recommend:

Christian Standard Bible (formerly HCSB) - The CSB is a solid translation that is between being a word for word translation of the original language and a paraphrase of the original language. The language of the CSB is simple enough for the average adult, and is a good go to translation having a ninth grade reading level.

New Living Translation - The NLT is a great translation for teens, with this translation having a sixth grade reading level.

New International Readers Version - The NIrV is a great translation for children, with this translation having a third grade reading level.

New American Standard Bible - The NASB is more of a word for word translation from the original language, sometimes making it less fluid and more difficult to read. This translation is more academic in nature, and it has a twelfth grade reading level.

Ultimately the best bible translation is the one that you read. So grab one, or two or three, and start reading!

Second, to help maintain discipline with bible reading, many people will use bible reading plans to help them as they work through God's Word. There are a handful of different bible reading plans that can be utilized as well, but the following options might be a good place to start for those interested in a bible reading plan:

M'Cheyne One Year Reading Plan - This reading plan features four different readings that could be used in both family and personal devotion times. Each day has two passages from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, and one from either the Psalms or the Gospels. In one year, you read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice.

Chronological Reading Plan - This reading plan takes into account the order in which the recorded events in Scripture actually occurred. This is a fantastic plan to follow if you wish to add historical context to your reading of the Bible. You will read the entire bible in one year. To complement this reading plan, also check out The Bible Recap, a short podcast that highlights how you see the character of God in each passage.

F260 - The F260 reading plan is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan that highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that every disciple should know. This plan can be a bit less intimidating as it leaves time for breaks and for catching up if you get behind.

Hopefully some of these resources are helpful! If there are other translations, reading plans, or tools that you have found helpful please let us know!

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